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Our Story

Unwavering dedication to showcasing the richness of Mexican cuisine

The art of crafting authentic and flavorful dishes

From his early days in Zacatecas, our chef's passion for culinary artistry was ignited in the heart of Mexico. Born into a family where traditional cooking was a way of life, he honed his skills by assisting his mother in the kitchen.

In 1991, driven by his unwavering dedication to showcasing the richness of Mexican cuisine, our chef ventured to California and opened his first business.

Fresh start inspired by the culture of New Mexico

Our chef made the bold move in 2005. Undeterred by challenges, he established a new culinary haven in 2006, infusing the spirit of Mexico into the heart of the community. From the sun-kissed fields of Zacatecas to the diverse landscapes of New Mexico, our restaurant stands as a testament to the chef's lifelong journey, sharing the authentic tastes and traditions that have shaped his culinary expertise.